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     M&M Trans corp. has made best efforts to meet customer satisfaction based on years of experiences

     and know-how in vehicle transportation and built fundamental for the logistics company specialized in

     vehicle transportation by sharing business capabilities with a parent company, MIGHT & MAIN.

      Ssangyong Motors
      We have been appointed as a local transportation partner in 2010 and delivered to nationwide.

      Transportation for domestic delivery

      Import car brands
      We have transported vehicles for 7 different import car brands since 1987 starting with Mercedes-Benz
     (Hansung Motors), been doing our best to satisfy customers' needs and service expectation through
     operating CS managers.

        Brands : Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Honda, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Cadillac

     Other vehicle transportation
        Import car bonded transportation : transport from ports (Pyungtaek, Incheon, Busan) to bonded
        Golf cart transportation : transport golf carts from its warehouse to country clubs
        Delivery on customers' request : deliver vehicles from showrooms to designated places
        (ex. After market shops)
        Premium transportation service : provide special transportation service for customers who needs special
        Others : provide prompt and safe transportation services on about 100 small to medium size
        customers' orders (ex. secondhand car dealers, forwarders) and personal orders

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